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Dog Teeth Cleaning Video - How To Brush Dogs Teeth

Dog Teeth Cleaning Important For Health

Like many dog owners, I could have been more proactive when it came to dog teeth cleaning with my first two dogs.  I had to bring them into the vet every few years to get their teeth cleaned due to tartar buildup and this always involved putting them under general anesthetic, not to mention the costs involved.  Now I totally understand that it is very important to brush dogs teeth for good dental health of my pets.  Learning to brush your dog’s teeth is one of the skills that every responsible dog owner should do.

Brushing dog teeth is now part of the overall daily grooming routine for both of my lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  It’s actually not that difficult but it’s best to start training a dog young.  Training should commence as soon as a new puppy comes home.  This is what I did with my two current dogs they actually look forward to getting their teeth brushed since they like the specially formulated pet toothpaste (human toothpaste should never be used with your pets since ingestion will be them sick).  Dogs love the beef and chicken flavor pet toothpaste available.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Video

How To Train To Brush Dogs Teeth

The first step in how to train to brush dogs teeth is to get your puppy use to having you touch them all over and anywhere on the body including ears, eyes, underneath and finally inside the mouth.  At first, your puppy might nibble on your fingers but you have to be assertive and stern to show who is boss and that it is not a game to nibble.  This is now part of my overall basic dog obedience training - see below for a free dog training video.

Toothpaste is then introduced by letting your dog lick your finger dabbed with a small amount.  Then add some to the front teeth and let your dog lick his teeth again.  This will teach the dog that the toothpaste is pretty tasty.  Add more toothpaste to your finger and then probe deeper into the mouth and use a light brushing action along both sides of teeth.  Do this for a few days until your puppy is use to this.

image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste

Tools For Dog Teeth Cleaning

An optional step is to do the same thing as above but with a finger brush that you can buy from a pet store.  There are also glove brushes that do the same thing.  I chose to skip this step altogether and went directly to the toothbrush.  My two dogs didn’t have any problems skipping the finger brush but this is entirely up to you for your dog.

You can use a pet toothbrush that is slightly angled but I just use a regular toothbrush that my dentist gave me and my dogs have no problems with it whatsoever.  Again, let your dog lick the toothpaste on the toothbrush first it is associated with the tasty toothpaste.  Then gradually open your dog’s mouth and apply the toothbrush lightly with strokes.

I like to use two different steps first with my dogs’ mouth closed after the entry of the toothbrush (just like how you would brush your own teeth) and a second step with the mouth open so I can see the teeth.  Many dog owners just do the second step and this is fine.

Vets claim that when cleaning dog teeth at home, only the outside of the teeth is required.   The inside of the dog teeth are kept clean by the dog’s own saliva and licking.  I sometimes brush the insides as well as outsides of my dogs’ teeth as well.

The dog teeth cleaning video above will show the actual steps I take to brush my dog’s teeth as well as the training process to ensure cooperation.  Good dental health is important and brushing your dog’s teeth will help maintain it.

Free Basic Dog Obedience Training Video On Essential
Commands As The Minimum Standards To Teach Your
Dog With Complete Progressions Fully Demonstrated

In this video, we demonstrate;

image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste Essential commands including sit, down, and stand (plus why stand is useful)
image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste More challenging commands like come (recall) and stay
image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste The minimum standards that all dogs should be taught
image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste Daily training drills to keep skills sharp for your puppy
image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste All puppy obedience training progressions are fully demonstrated
image brush dogs teeth dog teeth cleaning pet toothpaste Indoor and outdoor recalls for different environments

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