Woods Do Not Interfere With Our Indoor Dog House Training

Indoor Dog House Training Intact

Now that our local woods are open again for the season after the long winter, we are out in the trails again.  We have been out in the woods twice now since the trails are dry enough for us.  This is our favourite place to do our dog walks and there are four different trails for us to choose from so we generally do a different one each day.

Like many dogs, my two Lhasa Apsos like to do their business in the woods among the leaves and mark near the trees or bushes.  However, this does not interfere with their indoor dog house training at all.  All of their skills learned from using their indoor puppy litter box is intact.

Puppy Litter Box Still The Indoor Location

Both Chester and Roxie know that when they are inside the house, they are still to go to the puppy litter box in their dog room.  Then when we go out to the woods, they can do their stuff outside as well among nature.  So this is solid proof that dogs are smart enough to know that there are different places to do their business whether then are indoors or outdoors.

Dog house training in our case is a combination of indoor and outdoor spots which they know quite well.  Interestingly enough, my boy Chester still likes to do his solid business indoors in the puppy litter box while his sister Roxie does both.  In her case, she will almost go and do a bowel movement when outdoors for all walks while Chester often prefers another time when back in the house.

This is okay by me since the overall dog house training methods we choose works great for us.  For more information on how we do all this, see my dog website.

We will certainly be spending many enjoyable excursions out to the woods this season once more.
puppy litter box dog house training
Creative Commons License photo credit: Photohunny

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