Wonder How They Choose Dog Chew Bones

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So I bought two new nylon dog chew bones since they seem to be the favourite type of toys for both of my lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  Their old ones were really chewed down to stubs so it was time for a brand new set.

When I came home and opened the packages up, they were of course very excited for their new toys.  And as expected, they spent the next couple of days enjoying their brand new dog chew bones.  Roxie usually spends more time with such chew bones but when there is a new supply like this time, Chester was enthusiastically chewing on one as well.

That was a few weeks ago.  Today, Roxie is still usually the one who gets one of the chew bones first while her brother usually will chew on it later.  Sometimes I think he’s just too lazy to grab a bone and instead, waits for her sister to go get one.

By now, one of the bones is chewed down to about one third of its original size while the other one is still relatively intact with just some minor wear on the ends.  This is really interesting and I put them to a test a few times.

I would lay out both bones side by side and sometimes even the full length one in front of the one that’s down to one third size just to see which one Roxie would pick.  And sure enough for some really strange reason, she would always go for the one that’s really worn out, ie., the one third size bone.

This is really weird because when the bones were new, they certainly went for the new ones rather than the ones that have been sitting around the house for some time.  And looks like they have been working on the one that’s getting a lot of wear while only occasionally picking up the one that’s still intact.

Who knows what goes inside their little heads when they pick which toys to play with?

Do you have a similar observation with your dogs?  If so, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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