Wish For A Better Looking Dog Toilet

#dog #dogs — As I was browsing through various dog and pet blogs this weekend, I came across some blog posts that showed photos of some really attractive cat litterboxes. Some of these had covers. Some had unique shapes much like the better looking garbage pails. One even had some type of plant arrangement on top of the cover! While I was looking at these, I really do wish for a better looking dog toilet at home.

Right now, maybe because the whole concept of dog litterboxes is still fairly novel, we are still stuck with the same mainly rectangular boxes which pretty well look like oversized traditional cat litterboxes, maybe with a cutaway section in the front for easier entry for the dogs.

Petco came out with a dark blue colour rather than the usual beige that Purina Second Nature uses for their dog litterboxes. Both are of course, well functioned and highly recommended but they are certainly no home decor piece much like some of these cat litterboxes I saw in these blogs.

It looks like people with cat litterboxes can actually put them in all sorts of different places around the home. Not just your usual spare bathroom, laundry room or basement where you hope most of your home visitors won’t see. These cat folks are actually using the better looking cat litterboxes in very prominent places in the house.

Of course, we know that we have been decorating human toilets for years with the fancy lid covers and knick knacks on the top. Why can’t we do this type of thing with a dog toilet?

A dog toilet that is actually presentable as a nice home decor piece. Wouldn’t that be something? I for one, would certainly welcome the idea of a nicer looking dog litterbox although I have a feeling that it will be some time yet before some company comes out with one.

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