Winter Is Coming – Consider House Training A Dog Indoors

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House Training A Dog Indoors

Winter is coming!  I can’t wait to go snow skiing.  But I also don’t look forward to winter driving and winter dog walks when it’s really bad outside.  In fact, my dogs and I will not even venture outdoors when it’s really freezing cold and windy out there.  This is why house training a dog indoors does have major advantages.

My two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie are trained to use their dog litter box inside.  They can also go outside like other dogs too so it’s not like they don’t know how.  It’s more like they have additional skills to know that they can easily go to their indoor dog bathroom where we placed a dog litter box anytime.

I know that last year, there were many days when the salt was just too much on the roads which require dog boots.  This we don’t mind using but when it’s way to cold, they don’t really want to go out either.

We sometimes go out in the back area for a bit and hopefully socialize with other neighbourhood dogs if they are out there.  This gives the dogs the luxury of getting back inside the house if they get too cold.

We do like going outside whenever possible but as anybody who lives in winter regions know, there are days when it’s just more practical to have an indoor dog litter box.  Also, if you are caught in a snowstorm delaying your return home, house training a dog indoors will enable your friend to not have to hold things in.

Just a quick trip to the dog litter box and he or she is all set and you can take your time getting back home safely from that winter traffic.

For more info on house training a dog indoors, see my Potty Training Dogs webpage.

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