Winter Fun With Lhasa Apso Dogs Romping Through Snow

lhasa apso snow dogs winter play

Lhasa Apso Dogs Winter Fun

My Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie always seem to enjoy going out in the back to check out the snow during the winter.  On February 8 this year (which also happens to be my birthday), we had one of the biggest snowstorms we’ve seen in years.

I actually decided to stay off the roads that day and stayed home.  The storm didn’t stop us from going out in the back area to check out the snow though.

I knew that Chester and Roxie would be really curious about all that new deep snow so I made sure my camcorder was ready.  Here’s the video we shot with my dogs romping in the snow.

Monitor Your Dog During Winter

Although many dogs do enjoy being outside during winter, it is very important to keep monitoring them while outside.  If they show any signs of feeling cold like shivering or lifting up a paw, if means they are cold and should be brought indoors immediately.

When we go outside in the back area of our house, the patio door is left a bit open so either of my Lhasa Apsos can come inside whenever they want.  Roxie often comes in earlier than her brother and just watches from the inside of the patio glass door while warming up.

If your dog enjoys winter, feel free to share about it in the comments below.

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  • Chewiecutecute

    so cute…Clint i always love yr videos..

  • Thanks, I saw your dogs too and they are too cute

  • Marguerite Orane

    Chester and Roxie and just like my 3 Shih-poos! Despite living in Jamaica for most of their lives, they just LOVE the snow! And I love to see them romp in it – it reminds me that getting outside is the best way to deal with the cold! Thanks for sharing Clint – and happy, happy belated birthday!

  • Been a decent winter so far – not too many days terribly cold.

  • Donnakotoff

    Clint, just want to thank you for your wonderful advise to buy and your incredible instruction video on how to apply muk-lugs on the puppies paws!!!! Phew!!!! It saved me !!!! I have a single haired King Charles named Banjo who truly needed the booties after the storm we had in NYC!!! I never would have
    even thought of the ground salt irritation if you didn’t bring that to my attentiion! Thanks sooo much!!! I followed your instruction video and directions and i am the only mommy who’s puppy had booties that stood on !!!! Thanks again! You are truly the Dog Whisperer!!! Lots of love, Donna

  • Yup, there’s nothing like hearing the sound of your dogs hurting because of road salt. Therefore the booties or out in the back where there is no salt.