Winter Boots For Dogs?

This is the time of year during winter up here in Canada where they salt the roads and sidewalks. There have been a few times where my dogs, especially my girl Roxie, just stopped in their tracks during a winter walk. It seems that the winter salt irritates their feet. Although they both love romping in the snow because they don’t have this problem in my back yard, they do have an issue with the salted pavements.

I may have to look into getting winter boots for dogs. I remember years ago with my first dog Pepper, I did try a set of boots for him when they first came out. These were cheap plastic or rubber things that really didn’t fit well since they often fell off during walks. But now they have some really nice fitting and insulated boots for dogs. I haven’t tried them yet.

Just the thought of winter boots for my dogs does seem like a lot of work because in my case with two dogs, it will be eight boots to put on altogether. On the really salty days though, my dogs are just as happy to run around in the back yard where there isn’t any salt.

I still might get the winter boots though. If any of you out there have had any experience with dog boots, please feel free to comment here.

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