Will Keep My Dog Away From Young Puppies

It was interesting at the dog park this weekend.  As usual, my boy Chester barks at bigger dogs, doesn’t mind dogs his own size that much (although doesn’t really play with them) and is curious about dogs smaller than him, especially younger puppies.

The problem with interacting with younger puppies who are much smaller in size, is that Chester is so use to playing quite rough with his neighbourhood doggie friends that he tries to do the same with the little puppies.  He was sort of darting back and forth nipping at this one four month old little puppy which frightened the poor fellow.  I’m just going to have to keep Chester away from the little ones until they are big enough to play with Chester with his usual rougher style.

Roxie on the other hand doesn’t really play with other dogs except sometimes with her brother so I’m not concerned about her.

Do any of you also have similar issues with your dogs when they interact with small puppies?

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