Will Do A Trial Of PetzLife Oral Care Gel

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There are now some interesting oral care products on the market in addition to pet toothpaste. Some involve adding solutions to the drinking water for your dog or cat but I find that impractical since I tend to change the water for my two dogs daily. There is another product which comes in the form of an oral get which caught my interest lately. It’s under the brand name of PetzLife.

Although my two dogs have pretty clean teeth due to daily brushing, my boy Chester does have some minor tartar buildup on two of his back teeth – I assume the equivalent of our human molars. I’ve been reading about this oral care gel product for dogs and cats called PetzLife which one of my neighbours uses on his Maltese with great success. He is very happy with the results he’s had with PetzLife.

The folks at my local pet supply store also reported good feedback from customers too. I thought the price was a bit steep for a 4 ounze bottle at about $30. But I did find the same thing at eBay for about half of that retail store price.

So I decided to buy a bottle on eBay to try out and just received it this week in the mail. I’m going to use their prescribed directions of applying the gel just before bedtime and see if there are any noticeable improvements in Chester’s teeth in a couple of days.

I’m not sure if I’m going to use this on Roxie yet since her teeth are really clean and tartar free. I might try a bit to see if there are any differences in her breath which is another claim that the makers have.

So after maybe a few weeks, I’ll do a full report here on my experience with PetzLife oral care gel on my two dogs.

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