Will Create Dog Litterbox Awareness To New Puppy Owners In Canada

New Puppy Owners In Canada

I feel so strong about Canada being an ideal market for dog litterbox systems that not only am I going to write about it, I’m going to shoot a new video outlining the reasons why new puppy owners in this country should be made aware of this option for housetraining their dogs.  Of course we already know about the famous Canadian winters up here with sub-freezing temperatures and mountains of snow for a few months each year.

The other development in Canada which is important to realize is the increase of highrise condominium buildings especially in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver.  Many of these buildings allow pets and therefore there will be a huge dog population living with their owners in apartment and condo buildings.

Perfect For Dog Litterbox Housetraining

Many of these highrise buildings have a lot of floors which means that it certainly will not be practical for puppy owners to take their dogs out each time their friends need to do their business.  Life would be so much easier if these dogs were housetrained to use a litterbox.  I know this as a fact since I personally lived with two dogs on the twelth floor of a condo building for years.  Living in an apartment building creates a perfect case for the use of a dog litterbox.

Then of course we still have that nasty Canadian winter which all dog owners here have to deal with.  When it’s blowing snow and high winds like crazy out there, I’m sure that not many new puppy owners would be looking forward to go out there with their puppies.

Even with these factors, Canadian dog owners in general as well as the industry (pet stores) so far have a very low awareness level of dog litterbox systems.  Many times I’ve stepped into Petsmart up here and staff drew a blank look when I mentioned the phrase dog litter.  They just didn’t know that such systems exist for dogs.

A video is definitely called for so stay tuned as I announce more details in the near future.

new puppy owners dog litterbox
Creative Commons License photo credit: christinejwarner

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