Were Christmas Puppies Such A Good Idea?

Another Christmas has gone by and I’m sure that in many households, the kids got what they want when their parents surprised them with a new puppy for Christmas.  Now, this type of thing might be a vision of joy to everyone but as experienced dog owners, I’m sure that we sometimes just shake our heads when we hear of such Christmas presents.

It’s too often that after the intial excitement, the reality sets in that puppies are a lot of work and responsibility.  Many of the parents were not predicting what it actually takes to raise a puppy correctly.  The puppy ends up destroying things in the house, makes too much noise when left alone and pees everywhere.  Of course, it’s not the puppy’s fault since it hasn’t been trained yet.  But unfortunately, it’s always the puppy that pays the price by being given up by the family that were too ignorant to get educated on dog ownership before buying a puppy for Christmas.

I hope many Christmas puppies end up okay with happy and responsible homes even though many will probably end up in shelters and maybe even be put down just because some parents (adults) were too irresponsible to get educated first.

I really think that breeders and retailers selling puppies should screen potential buyers to somehow ensure that they will get properly educated before allowing purchases.  Just like car driving.  You don’t allow a person to drive unless he or she has been licensed to drive.

I would love your comments on this whole issue about Christmas puppies as well (comments are moderated to reduce spam but I’ll get to them fairly quickly so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts).

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  • We know lots of people that have spent a lot of time considering and planning and then used Christmas as the reason/means to purchase. Jack is one such puppy. Mom and Dad knew they wanted a chihuahua and had done the research and used their Christmas money to purchase him.

    That said – picking cute little puppies with no research is still stupid. It – shouldn’t be “no christmas puppies” – it should be “no unresearched puppies!”

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