Welcome To My New Dog Blog!

Welcome to my new dog blog!  I’ve been wanting to create one for a very long time.  First of all, my name is Clint Cora and I’m a motivational speaker, author and known as a Karate World Champion.  What is relatively unknown about me is that I have been a dog owner since 1979.  I currently have two lhasa apsos that I absolutely adore, siblings named Chester and Roxie (they are both up there on the header of my new dog blog above and I’m sure you can guess which one is which).

Those who have read my book, The Life Champion In You, will know that dogs are very important in my life.  In fact, I strongly advocate the inclusion of pets to enrich anybody’s life.

I plan to be a very regular poster on this blog since there is always so much happening around life with not only my dogs but also your’s.  I hope to have useful and interesting information so please stay tuned.  I also intend this blog to be interactive so feel free to post your comments.

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