We Use Petrodex For Brushing Dog Teeth

#dog #dogs    For some reason, our local pet stores are currently having problems stocking the large size tube of our favorite pet toothpaste, Petrodex.  They have a smaller tube which always come packaged with a toothbrush.

In my opinion, this is not a great marketing strategy since I don’t want to always pay for an extra toothbrush each time I buy a tube of Petrodex.  The larger tube comes just by itself without the brush which makes more sense.

My two dogs absolutely love Petrodex, both their beef and poultry flavors – can you imagine, brushing your teeth with such toothpaste?  Yuck!  But hey, at least they like it.  Now if the local stores can only get this stocking issue with the large size tube resolved.  We don’t really like the substitute brand pet toothpaste we are currently using since it’s too runny.  We do want to move back to Petrodex.

If you missed my video and article on this important aspect of dog health, see How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth.  If you use pet toothpaste, what brand do you currently use?  Feel free to comment below.

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