Watch Out For Burrs When Walking Your Dog

#dog #dogs — One of the most annoying things outside when walking your dog is a burr caught on your dog’s legs or other parts of the body.  We have some wooded areas very close to home and both of my lhasa apso dogs love going there.  Unfortunately, there can be burrs which stick like velcro.

Like most small breeds, my lhasa apsos are very close to the ground and being long haired dogs doesn’t help either in terms of preventing burrs from sticking.  My dogs have had burrs, sometimes multiple ones, stuck on their feet, legs, bellies, armpits and faces if they were just a bit too curious on what certain plants were.

If burrs get stuck on parts of the feet, especially underneath and also armpits, it can be quite irritating to continue walking.  In fact, my girl Roxie would actually stop in her tracks and look up at me as if trying to get my attention to remove those burrs.

As anyone who tried already knows, sometimes it can be quite challenging to remove burrs especially from long haired dogs by hand.  I feel like carrying small scissors with me during walks and if the burrs get out of hand during the fall when it seems that they are found in high numbers loose from their parent plants, I will carry the scissors with me.

It’s especially challenging during the fall when the trails are covered with fallen leaves.  You can’t see where the burrs are.  The dogs do really like the woods in any season but the fall is especially fun for them because of the fallen leaves so I don’t want to take that opportunity away from them even with the risk of those nasty burrs.

So if you are in an area prone with burrs especially this fall, just watch out for them and it’s best to remove them immediately if your dog gets any stuck on its body to prevent any irritation.  This is what they look like below.

Burr Trio
Creative Commons License photo credit: gfpeck

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