Walking Dogs Earlier In The Day Before Dark

#dog #dogs — Here in eastern Canada where the winter season will be falling upon us, the sun is setting earlier and earlier now.  In fact, it starts getting dark here by anout 6 pm these days.  Personally, I don’t like to take my dogs outside when it gets dark because I can’t see what’s on the ground and what they could potentially be getting themselves into.  I much prefer to have some light just to supervise my dogs better when outside.

This is especially the case when we are out in our large backyard area where about ten condo townhouses share a common grassy yard.  It’s almost like our own little leash free dog park.  When it’s dark, we can easily miss what our dogs are doing.

We don’t want our dogs to be chewing on things that they should not be putting their mouths in and also we don’t want to miss any incidents where we should be picking up after our dogs.  That would be irresponsible as a dog owner.

So if I’m taking my dogs outside for a walk say in the wooded trails near my house, we are going out by late afternoons between 4 and 5 pm now.  Then when we come back and if any of their dog friends are going out in the back, I will let them go out to socialize with their friends for awhile too.  But this would now be before 6 pm when there is still some light outside.  If you haven’t seen my article and video on this, see my Dog Socialization section at my website.

During the summer, sometimes we would still be out in the back at 9:30 pm when we could still see something due to the late sunsets.  But now, if we miss an opportunity by 6 pm, we will usually have to wait until the next day for a backyard session.

How do you feel about walking dogs out in the dark?  Feel free to comment.

Sancho watching the witches
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