Video Showing Good Dog Socialization

Dog Socialization Is Important

I’ve been blogging about the advantage of having multiple dogs at home and if it is not possible for whatever reason to have two or more dogs in the household, then at least dog owners should get their dogs out where they can meet up with other canines.

Of course, to be able to do this successfully, dog socialization skills will have to be developed from puppyhood.  This will help establish their natural pack tendencies.  Professional dog trainers can help dog owners with adult dogs who have lost some of these natural pack tendencies and I’ve seen many success stories on Cesar Millan’s show.  These examples all show the importance of dog socialization.

Neighbourhood Dog Packs

It is possible to create a neighbourhood dog pack for single pet dog owners if the residential settings are favourable.  For example, I live in a condo townhouse complex where we share a large common backyard area.  We have several dogs among the neighbours here.  We use this back area as our own private leash free dog park.

Some of the dogs here have really bonded and have formed their own gang of doggie friends.  Whenever one goes outside, he or she immediately goes to the townhouse units where other known dog friends live.  They know which units have their friends and which ones do not.

Here is a video that was shot in our back area near the end of last winter.  It shows my two dogs Roxie and Chester  being the first ones outside as they head straight to the unit directly across from our house.  They know that’s where one of their friends, a Maltese, lives.  You can see in this video just how excited and eager everyone is to have another dog socialization session in the back area.

As you can see in this video, dog socialization gives dogs an aspect of life that solo dogs who never get much exposure to other dogs get to experience which is a shame really.  Dogs should have the opportunity to just be dogs among their canine friends much like kids do.  And just like kids, proper socialization skills are required.

For more videos and some basic dog training information, see the sidebar of this blog or my dog Facebook page.

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