Video Review Of Magic Mesh As Alternative To Dog Door

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Magic Mesh Review

As promised some time ago on a previous post about the Magic Mesh as an alternative to a dog door, here is my video review of it after several weeks of uses on my patio deck door.  I think it’s a very balanced review since I outline both the positives (pros) and negatives (cons) about it.

We were looking for a solution to having to open and close the sliding screen door all the time whenever my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie wanted to go outside on the deck and come back in.  So I decided to try out the Magic Mesh when I found it at Canadian Tire for about $20.

I replaced the screen on the sliding door with a pet strength one but removed the door for the summer so I could try out the Magic Mesh instead.  I’ll do a review of the pet strength screen later in the late fall when I take down the Magic Mesh for the winter season.

Here’s the video review;

As you can see from the video, the Magic Mesh isn’t bad but it’s not a great product.

Magic Mesh Pros And Cons

Here is a summary of the pros and cons for the Magic Mesh in my own personal experience with it.

The Pros

Easy To Initially Set Up
Works In Keeping Bugs Out When Fit Properly

The Cons

Challenge To Fit Properly
Sticky Velcro Strips Poor Quality
Magnets Don’t Close If Breezy

So like I mentioned in the video, for $20 to $25, it doesn’t hurt to try the product out to see if it works in your home as a dog door alternative or just as a general hands free screen.  But because of the obvious flaws, I would like to see a better quality product introduced in the market in the future and even if priced higher, I would probably move towards that better product.

It didn’t take my dogs long to learn how to use the Magic Mesh in terms of entry and exit.  For more information on actual dog training including a free dog training video, get access at our website.

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