Video: Pets Help People Be Happy

Happiness Connection With Pets

People want to be happy and most search endlessly to find the secrets to happiness, especially during these tough times of our still recovering recession.  But of course, us pet owners already know one of these big secrets in being happy — through the care of our pets!

I produce a weekly online motivational video series called Clint Cora Motivational WebTV and I decided to share this big secret with everyone else, particularly all the non-pet people out there.

This big secret in this video will be of no surprise at all to us and I can almost sense everyone here nodding in agreement while they watch this new episode.  For those non-pet folks who might be hearing about this for the very first time, it might take some convincing but the scientific data as well as perhaps millions of testimonials are out there all around the world.

So let’s see this video without delay to learn about this big secret to being happy.

The secret to happiness in this episode is what it is no matter how one regards it.  I for one totally believe in this as it has made such a huge difference in my life since 1979, that I am totally committed to this type of lifestyle with pets.

Let Others Know About Power Of Pets

I hope you found this episode entertaining.  Please feel free to share it with others so that they might get a crack at this secret to happiness as well, especially to all the non-pet people out there.  You never know if it might end up changing their lives for the better as well.

This by the way is episode #26 of my Motivational WebTV series and if you missed any of the previous shows, catch them at my motivational tv archive.  Feel free to comment about this episode as well at the bottom of this blog post.

Also, if you are a group, company or organization that could use a motivational or diversity speaker for your event, I am now booking into the New Year so don’t hesitate to contact me.  See my Speaking Programs and Seminars section for details.

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