New Video On Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training

Here’s a new video on dog crate training and it even includes footage of my girl Roxie when she went into her crate during an afternoon nap. There is also mention of crates for dogs in this clip as well as other benefits such as for dog travel.

I have used dog crates as an important tool for not only puppy housetraining but also for teaching my dogs where a safe and comfortable place is for sleeping or just taking a nap for rests.

Dog Crate Training For Either Outdoor Or Indoor

Dog crate training can be part of any puppy housetraining system whether it’s for traditional outdoors or indoor dog litter boxes as I have set up for my own dogs.  Once dogs get use to their crates, they can be used at home or at hotel rooms.  I’ve stayed at hotels with my two dogs with the use of their crates.

The video below will discuss these aspects further while showing you the actual do crates I use.

More Videos Besides Dog Crate Training

In addition to dog crate training, which is an important topic I do cover, I also have a free basic dog obedience training video that all prospective and new dog owners should see.  Experienced dogs owners who really didn’t do much basic training with their dogs might also want to see this video as a quick review as well just to make sure that there were no major gaps missing in terms of obedience.  See more details of this dog training video at the blog sidebar or at my dog website.

I welcome your comments about the video above on dog crate training in the section below or as Facebook comments.

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  • richard

    how do u get the puppie to go into the crate? You didn’t show that

  • I physically put them in there at first and then they got use to it since they saw it as a nice sleeping area