Video Of Two Legged Dog With Wheels

Two Legged Dog With Wheels

Here is a great story about a two legged Jack Russell terrier dog that was born without front legs.  Almost sent to be put to sleep, this dog was saved by new owners from Colorado.  They decided to make a device with wheels for their new dog they named Kandu.

As you will see in the video below, this two legged dog can really move around with the wheels.  Now he can pretty well do anything in terms of mobility that normal dogs do outside.  And during the Colorado winters, the owners fit Kandu with a special sled device so that he can go outside to play in the snow.

The dog’s name Kandu of course refers to how he can do mostly what other dogs do with the love and care of the new owners.  The dog certainly has the will to do whatever other dogs do out there without his disability discouraging him as you can plainly see in this inspirational video.

Here is the inspirational video of Kandu, the two legged Jack Russell dog.

I hope this inspirational video has made some impact on you. Not only do I give credit to Kandu the dog, I also give a lot of credit to his new owners for having the foresight to make things happen for their new dog with the new devices. I also admire the love they have for this dog since they didn’t give up on him like others did.

Other videos of inspiration are at my Motivational WebTV videos archive.  Let’s see what type of impact this two legged dog with wheels has on you by sharing your comments below.

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