Video: Lhasa Apsos Playing With Dog Friends In Snow

Lhasa Apsos With Dog Friends

Here’s a new video showing my Lhasa Apsos playing with their dog friends out in the winter snow.  We have a large common backyard area in our condo townhouse complex which acts as our leash free dog park when our dogs are outside.

In this short video, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu are waiting for my Lhasa Apsos to come out and play.  This is just like the way human kids do.  Then you see them run free out in the snow together.

Lhasa Apsos Demonstrating Dog Socialization

One of the real pleasures for us dog owners is to watch our beloved dogs play outside with others.  Dogs are social creatures and dog socialization should be taught early in a puppy’s life.  It’s a real shame whenever we see a dog out there that is too shy to socialize with others.  Such a dog is really missing out on a major and natural aspect of being a dog.  Dog owners should do everything possible to make sure that their dogs are properly socialized.

Here is the new video with my Lhasa Apsos and their dog friends.

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Hope you enjoy this latest video with my Lhasa Apsos and their friends.  I’m going to post it on my Dog Facebook page as well.

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