Vet Doesn’t Know Why My Dog Gets Cherry Eye

#dog #dogs #doghealth  —  In a previous blog post, I talked about how my boy Chester has cherry eye which is suppose to be common in some breeds.  That blog post has a photo of my dog at the time of his cherry eye.    It did regress in 24 hours much like the other times he had it.

Today, both my dogs went in for their annual check up at the vet clinic.  The vet examined my boy’s eye and said that it appeared okay.  He doesn’t know what might have brought the cherry eye on.  He said it could be an allergic reaction or an overdeveloped gland in there.

He said that is was strange because most dogs who get it are younger.  My boy didn’t really start getting his cherry eye episodes until just the past several months or year.  My vet also said that most dogs who get cherry eye do not get the regression that my boy experiences.  So it’s just a wait, monitor and see situation for now.

The cherry eye on my dog is always on the same eye and always regresses on it’s own in 24 hours, usually overnight.

I saw a YouTube video where there was this one guy who showed how he massaged his bulldog’s eye during a cherry eye situation and it popped back under the eyelid. I tried that with Chester and I don’t think it worked.  But again, his cherry eye regresses on its own.

My vet asked if there was any increased eye discharges, scratching or itching during Chester’s cherry eye episodes and I said no.  So the whole thing is still very much a mystery.

If you have had episodes of cherry eye with your dog, I would love to hear about it and what happened.  Please use the comments section below as I’m sure the dog community here would be interested.

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