Using Dog Boots For Messy Spring Dog Walks

Using Dog Boots

The winter is pretty well over here in southern Ontario and with the warmer outside temperatures, things are starting to melt.  This means that for a few weeks, things can be pretty messy outside in the parks, trails and even our backyards.  I know this is the case in our large common backyard area at my condo townhouse complex.

The grass area is wet and muddy.  Although it’s not too bad for my two dogs for some reason, their neighbour doggie Maltese friend who is white, gets his four paws all dirty after a play session out there.  So my neighbour has decided to keep using dog boots on his Maltese just to keep things cleaner.

If you missed my review on Muttluks dog boots, see my post which has both an article and a video which describes my thoughts and comments on this brand.  This is the same brand of dog boots that my neighbour uses.

If you would like to get a set of Muttluks for your dog, I would suggest checking out Pet Street Mall by clicking on the banner below and doing a search for Muttluks at their website.  They have a nice selection of them.

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We’ve come back from a few dog walks where my dogs’ feet were quite dirty.  I originally got the dog boots mainly to protect them from road salt but since there isn’t much salt left out there because of some rain we’ve been having, I haven’t used the dog boots lately.

So now as soon as we come home, if their feet are too dirty, I would just quickly have my dogs stick their paws and legs in a plastic container filled with warm water as a quick rinse.  This seems to do the job nicely and quickly for us.

Putting on dog boots is still a time consuming thing especially for two dogs here.  I still do it if there’s salt out there but if it’s just wet, I probably won’t bother.  It’s faster to just do the quick paw rinse after the dog walks.  And if it’s really dirty and messy out there, we’ll either just stay on the sidewalks or even stay inside altogether since both of my dogs are completely housetrained to use a puppy litter box.

dog boots puppy litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: earthisthering

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