Using A Dog Harness In Car Plus Other Safety Tips

Dog Harness In Car

If you missed my recently released video and article about safety tips when having your dog in your car, see it at Safety Tips For Dogs In Cars.  Actually, I’ll reproduce the video here but the full text article is at my dog website.

Now that we are in spring time here in Canada, I’m sure that we will be seeing more dogs sticking their heads out car windows.  This of course is not recommended because of the danger of road debris flying up and injuring your dog’s eyes.  Experts say that even small flying insects can cause eye damage when colliding with dogs as the cars are speeding on the roadways.

One of the worse practices I’ve seen out there are dog owners who let their little pooches sit on their laps while they are driving.  This is so unsafe.  I wonder if these same people would allow little babies to sit on their laps while they drive.  Dogs can get distracted and excited if they see something that unnerves them and this can in turn break the focus of the driver.  Accidents can happen as a result.  Imagine explaining that to the judge if you caused an accident because you had your little dog sitting on your lap while you were driving.

And if the airbags should ever go off, the chances of a little dog surviving the impact of the airbags themselves (never mind the possibility of going through the windshield), is low.  Dogs should always be in the back seat just like little children should.  And they should be restrained with a working dog harness for use in cars.

The video shows the type of dog harness we use when we are doing our road trips in my car.  My dogs have no problems using them at all and it give me a peace of mind that should we ever get into a car accident, they won’t be flying through the windshield.

If you know of dog owners who do not drive safely with their dogs in mind, please share this video with them.  It’s all about education.  Feel free to enter your comments about car safety with dogs below.

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  • It was informative reading info on a dog harness when they accompany you in a car. Thanks for providing details on how this is used to restrain them while giving some leeway.