Use Formula For Puppy Housebreaking Training

#dogs #dog #dogtraining #puppy #puppies #puppytraining  —  I got a message from a reader yesterday about how her dog is not able to hold everything in at times and as a result, pees all over the house.  I don’t know how old this puppy is but there is a formula we use to help determine just how long a young dog can hold things in for puppy housebreaking training.

This formula, used in crate training quite effectively, is take the number of months of a puppy’s age plus one.  This will result in an estimate of number of hours a young dog is expected to be able to hold things in while in a crate.  So for example, if the puppy is say three months of age, then add one for a result of four.  This means that a dog should be able to hold things in for four hours at a time.

Use this formula as a general guideline of what your puppy can be expected in terms of puppy housebreaking training.  Puppies in general have to go quite often because of their small bladders so don’t expect much while they are young.

This formula is used for any style of puppy housebreaking whether for outdoors or indoors using a litter box.  The use of crates is also effective during the training progression for either style as well.  I used this same formula when my two dogs Chester and Roxie were young (they happen to be siblings from the same litter).

Much more information on puppy housebreaking training is available at my website created for this.  There are videos there that cover this area of dog training to help out the new owners out there as well as those who need a refresher if a hiatus was taken.

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