Trying Prednisolone Drops With Latest Bout Of Cherry Eye

#dogs #dogs #doghealth — If you have been following this dog blog then you guessed it — my boy Chester’s cherry eye popped out again over the weekend.  So we are now trying out the Prednisolone corticosteroid drops that we got from the vet.  It’s suppose to be a stronger anti-inflammatory agent compared to the other original ointment we had before.

The vet said that we can have Chester’s cherry eye out for about a month before we have to do something more drastic.  He said because Chester gets these bouts of cherry eye so often, it’s probably not due to an infection.  Instead, it’s likely because of some allergic reaction to something and/or an overactive gland.

I’m administering these new eye drops four times per day and we’ll see if his cherry eye pops back inside over the next couple of days.  Chester certainly has had quite a few episodes of his cherry eye this year so far, much more than when it originally appeared several months ago.

On other news, I found that has come out with their new dog breed wall calendars for 2011.  Check them out to see if your dog breed is represented.  They probably have non-breed specific dog calendars as well which could be worth looking at.  They are part of the Barnes and Noble company and therefore quite reputable.

Creative Commons License photo credit: .swallowtail.

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