Travel With Dogs?

I’m thinking of doing a short quick trip over to Montreal in March for some skiing over there and might bring my dogs along instead of leaving them at home with the pet sitter.  My dogs travel well in the car as they have made that 6 hour drive between Toronto and Montreal a few times.  They have even stayed at hotels with me without any problems.

This time around might be different.  Since I’m skiing all day, I will probably put them in dog day care with the kennel I use to use out there.  I don’t want to leave them in the hotel room all day.

Before, I simply went to get take outs for my own meals and had them back in my hotel room.  This mimimizes the time my dogs are left alone either in the room or in my car.  However, for this trip, I’m thinking of having the odd dinner out with friends and I’m not quite sure what to do with the dogs for those few hours in the evening.  I’m not sure if I should leave them at the hotel or in the car while I’m at the restaurant (I would have picked them up at the day care by then).

I’m a bit paranoid about leaving my dogs in the car for an extended time (even in comfortable temperatures) because I’ve heard incidents of dog theft, particularly if dogs are small.

What would you do in my case for such a trip?  Feel free to leave comments (but they will be moderated to reduce spam).

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