Toronto Dog Was Stolen

Toronto Dog Stolen

In yesterday’s newscast, it was reported that a little Jack Russell terrier was stolen outside a Toronto grocer while its owner went inside for awhile.  The little dog was tied up on a lamp post just outside during the day time.  When the owner came out of the grocer, her dog was gone.

Security cameras fortunately caught a male suspect with the dog and I heard a day later that the dog was found and charges are pending.  What kind of low life like this would ever steal a dog from someone?  This happy ending of course does bring a very important lesson for all

Never Leave Dog Unattended Outside

The obvious lesson from this incident of course is never leave your dog unattended outside, even for a brief moment.  Even if you have a well behaved dog who will not bark at strangers outside, it is not safe to leave your dog there.  In many cases, a real friendly dog might even turn out to be an easier target for a dog thief.

If going outside in your car and parking for awhile during a shopping trip, if you intend to leave your dog outside while you shop, make sure that your dog is safely secured inside the car with all doors locked.  Having said that, make sure there is a crack of window space for air flow during warmer seasons.

If the temperature is too hot out there, it’s best to leave your dog at home where there is no danger of overheating since this can happen quickly inside cars during the summer.  Dogs have died this way and there’s no excuse for owners to be ignorant about this.

Great Idea For Toronto Dogs

By the way, litterbox training is a great idea for many Toronto dogs since winters are cold up here and there are many dogs living in apartments and highrise condos in the greater Toronto area.  Check out my dog house training information for more details.  For general dog obedience training, see the details up at the top left of this blog.

toronto dogs litterbox training
Creative Commons License photo credit: Spider.Dog

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