Toronto Dog Owners Not Happy About Ban On Plastic Bags

Toronto Dog Owners Unhappy

Toronto mayor Rob Ford wanted to scrap the 5 cent charge that is levied on customers who shop at retailers and choose plastic bags to bring their items home.  However, Toronto city council suddenly voted to ban all single use plastic bags altogether by the end of the year as they are trying to follow some cities like San Francisco.  This sudden move apparently without public consultation has Toronto dog owners fuming. Even mayor Ford that this sudden move by Toronto council was ridiculous.

Responsible dog owners of course pick up after their dogs outside and most use such plastic bags as our dog poop bags to do this deed, including yours truly. I even shot a video showing how my dogs poop directly into plastic bags for a relatively hands-free operation.

In one news broadcast, one reporter tried to pick up dog poop using a scoop and carrying around a paper bag.  He found it almost impossible to do and not very practical at all.  One individual predicted that a ban on plastic bags will result in quite a mess out there, particularly in dog parks or even public parks in general.

Ban On Plastic Bags

I know that there are some commercial plastic bags available but personally, I just use the plastic bags I get from my own shopping and I’m sure that is what most dog owners do too.  I don’t mind paying a few cents for plastic bags at retailers who charge for them because I know that I will be able to use these as our dog poop bags during our walks.

My dogs and I are located in Mississauga, which is a city that is just adjacent on the west of Toronto so we will not be affected by the Toronto ban on plastic bags.  I along with other dog owners out here, hope that Mississauga will not follow the city of Toronto on such a ban but if they do, at least they should have ample public consultation first.

As a dog owner, what’s your feeling on a ban on plastic bags?  Are you for or against such moves by city councils?

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