Too Lazy To Walk And Exercise Your Dog?

Dogs can be very prone to becoming overweight so as dog owners, we must do everything we can to keep them fit and healthy. This involves adequate exercise through walks and/or play sessions outdoors. This also means no overfeeding and giving them junk food.

Of course, there could be some situations where a dog owner cannot exercise his or her dog. An example would be a medical condition or injury which prevents the person from participating in walks. However, this is not an excuse for not providing exercise for the dog because a dog walker can always be hired. So there really is no excuse not to keep a dog fit and healthy. Is is part of our responsibilities as dog owners to do so.

In my case, if the weather is too cold to walk my dogs, I’ll still let them play in the back for awhile. If it’s too wet, I’ll still run them up and down the stairs of my house which they also enjoy. If one is really too lazy or cheap to provide the proper exercise for a dog, then get pet fish instead.

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