Toilet Training Puppies With Purina Second Nature Dog Litter Compared To Yesterday’s News

Toilet Training Puppies With Dog Litter

I was asked a question this week on the comparison between Purina Second Nature dog litter and another litter also made by Purina called Yesterday’s News for toilet training puppies.  This person noticed that these two products are essential the same except Yesterday’s News is cheaper in price and wanted my thoughts.

I use both for my dogs because Second Nature is still not available up here in Canada but Yesterday’s News is widely available.  I buy stock of Second Nature whenever I travel to the USA and bring it back.

Toilet Training Puppies Better With Purina Second Nature

Although these two products are the same, Second Nature comes in much larger pellets.  I find that when toilet training puppies, the larger and heavier pellets in the dog litter box results in much less tracking.  Tracking is when my dogs jump out of the litter box and some of the dog litter pellets spatter on the floor.  Second Nature pellets tend to stay inside the litter box but the much smaller Yesterday’s News pellets do not.  As a result, there is always a bit of Yesterday’s News pellets around the floor since they are so light.

That’s really the only difference I’ve noticed between these two litter products.  I would prefer using Second Nature all the time but when I don’t have enough, then I will combine with Yesterday’s News in the dog litter box.  Of course, I will have to pick up and throw a bit of the Yesterday’s News pellets from the floor back to the litter box. This is just a minor inconvenience when toilet training puppies indoors but this is still better than having to take them out each time.

For more information on the actual method for toilet training puppies indoors, see my Potty Training Puppies webpage.

toilet training puppies purina second nature dog litter
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