Start From Scratch To Housebreak An Older Dog

Housebreak An Older Dog

Some of the posts I see in dog forums I monitor are from people who have taken rescue dogs who are already adults.  These older dogs sometimes have problems with housebreaking as they come to a new environment in the homes of their new owners and this issue can be a frustrating point.  Some of these owners had expected an already housebroken dog since they were adults already.  So these posts are seeking help to housebreak an older dog.

The truth of the matter in such cases is that these owners will often have to start from scratch again to housebreak an older dog.  This means limiting access to the house in the meantime.  Just like with puppies, adult dogs who are not fully trained in their new homes should not be given full access to the house unrestricted.

Use A Dog Room To Housebreak An Older Dog

Create a dog room to help housebreak an older dog.  This should fit a crate and paper area so that when you can’t watch your dog, it will at least either hold things or go on the papers which will be better than going in your bedroom for example.

Even adult dogs who are new will have to earn their right to full access of a new home by showing that they will go where the owner wants them to go.  Smaller dog breeds who are adults have the potential to be further trained to go indoors with a dog litterbox as well if the owners feel this is feasible.

Review Of Basic Dog Training

A new dog is a new dog whether a puppy or an older one.  At first, these dogs should be quickly assessed on what they can do and not do.  In my opinion, all dogs should be trained in terms of basic dog training with a minimum acceptable level.  My free video on basic dog training will show these skills that all dogs should know.

If a rescue dog is short of some of these commands, it is recommended to put it through some training of which much can be done at home, to get it up to speed in terms of basic training.  Dogs are smart so such training even for an adult dog should not be a problem.  And then to housebreak an older dog, consistent training in that area should be done.

housebreak an older dog puppy litterbox
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