No Full Access To Housebreak A Puppy

To Housebreak A Puppy

I’ve been checking out some various dog forums lately and I’ve noticed that many of the posts regarding people who need help to housebreak a puppy have a common theme whether they want to train the puppy to go outdoors or use an indoor dog litterbox.  This common theme from reading the various posts is that new dog owners are always a bit too eager to grant their new puppies full access to the house.

In order to increase the chances of success and decrease the rate of accidents by the puppy, full access should never be granted to puppies until they are pretty will fully trained.  Before that, they just can’t be expected to know where to go at all times.

Limit Access To Housebreak A Puppy

In the meantime, puppies should have limited access to the house during the training stage.  I would strongly suggest the use of a puppy room which is big enough for a crate, an eating area plus an area with newspapers and/or a dog litterbox.  This way, it will be easier to teach a puppy where it is suppose to go.

Only when puppies have gone either on the newspapers or dog litterbox in the puppy room or outside, should they be given some (but not full) access to parts of the house and this should always be under supervision.  The faster one catches puppies in the act, the faster they will learn.  It’s when you leave too many accidents that occur when unsupervised, it makes the training process longer than required.

So map out your house in terms of where the restricted areas should be and where the puppy room and adjacent areas that will serve as limited access be during the training process. This will help speed up the process to housebreak a puppy.

More Information On Using Dog Litterbox

For specific info to housebreak a puppy using a dog litterbox, see my puppy potty training page.  For more general training, see my free video on basic dog obedience training.

housebreak a puppy dog litterbox
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