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I just finished putting up a full article with information to crate train a puppy.  Crate training is one of the most effective ways to housebreak a dog but there’s much more than just housebreaking.  Crate training is beneficial in providing your dog a place that he or she can go to whenever a nice comfortable, safe location is desired.  A crate can also be used as the sleeping quarters for your friend.

In our case, we used two plastic dog crates as part of the initial progression in housebreaking my dogs with a litter box.  When they were just puppies, Roxie and Chester actually fit into a single crate.  As they got bigger, which was pretty quick, they went on to use their own individual crates.

Effective Tool To Housebreak A Dog

A dog crate is one of the most effective tools to housebreak a dog.  This is because dogs have a natural tendency not to eliminate where it sleeps.  When you crate train a puppy, it will learn to hold things in until it is let out.

Although some new dog owners might view crates as cruel since they look like cages or places of confinement, crates are certainly not cruel.  My dogs even though they are both totally housetrained to use a dog litter box now, still use their crates as their sleeping quarters overnight as well as a place to go to during the day for nice naps.

The doors of our crates are always open so that my dogs can come and go as they please.  With nice comfy pillows in each crate, they view this location as a safe and quiet place to be to get away from it all when desired.  They just love their dog crates.  This is why I always suggest to new owners to crate train a puppy.

To get much more information on this, see my new article along with a video on Crate Training Puppies.

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