Tip On Heartworm Prevention Medication For Dogs

#dogs #dog — Today being the first of the month, will be heartworm prevention medication day for many dogs out there in heartworm territories.  Usually, dogs take one tablet each month for the entire season which in the case of southern Ontario, is from June to November.

My two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie, have been on a brand called Sentinel from puppyhood and we’ve stuck to this brand all along.  Overall, we’ve done well on Sentinel without any problems.  We even source our annual supply from online pet pharmacies now – see my article on my experience with them.

The only thing which I would say that I’m not keen on with Sentinel, is that the company claims that the dogs love the flavoured tablets so they will be easy to take.  I would have to disagree on this.

Whenever I tried to give Sentinel tablets to my two dogs, they would lick the tablets until the brown coating is off exposing the white tablet underneath.  They would refuse to take the white tablets which is where the effective medicine is contained.  I found it impossible for me to to rely on my dogs chewing the entire Sentinel tablet on its own for some strange reason.  And I figure that the tablets without the brown coating are somewhat bitter.

So what I have to do in order to make sure that my dogs finish their entire heartworm prevention medication is to forget about giving them the whole tablet at once.  Instead, I will cut each tablet into little, tiny pieces and mix it with their dog food.  Sometimes tiny pieces of Sentinel are reduced to white powder.

Even if I leave little chunks of the tablets too big, my dogs have been known to leave them in their dog dishes – smart things!  So I really have to make sure the pieces of Sentinel are small enough that they will be mixed in well with the rest of their dog food.  That’s the only way I can get both my dogs to take their heartworm prevention medication successfully.

So a good tip for anybody else who has a picky dog who refuses to take their Sentinel or any other brand of heartworm prevention medication, try cutting up the tablets into small pieces that will be mixed in with the rest of their dog food.  It works for us nicely this way.

sentinel heartworm prevention medication

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