Thinking About Getting Dog Boots For Winter

Dog’s Feet Are Getting Cold

I’m taking my dogs out in the back area for some fun especially when their neighbourhood dog friends are available for playtime.  Since the ground is covered in snow, I’m noticing that my girl Roxie especially is a bit more sensitive to cold feet than her brother Chester.

Maybe because Chester is so excited playing with his friends that he doesn’t notice the cold as much.  Roxie doesn’t really play with the other boys (dogs) so maybe that’s why she feels it sooner.  I always leave an opening of my sliding patio door so she can come inside whenever she wants and usually she does retreat indoors earlier.  She just spends the last bit of the session watching the other dogs playing from the window or even right at the entrance but keeping her feet inside where it’s warmer.

Time To Get Dog Boots

So the cold in addtion to to the salt on the roads has made me think that perhaps it’s finally time to seriously get dog boots for my dogs.  Not only will they be protected from the cold ground but also the salt which does tend to irritate them.

I would think that with the dog boots, we can once again even go on longer walks for better exercise, especially for Roxie since she tends not to play with the boy dogs in the back.  Chester on the other hand gets enough exercise from the play sessions.

Of course, I will have to put on eight different dog boots to equip both of my dogs but maybe it’s worthwhile after all.  I’ll start investigating my options for dog boots this week and report what I find.

In the meantime, check out my basic dog training video if you haven’t already done so as well as my information on potty training dogs with a litter box.

If you have any feedback or experience with dog boots, please make some comments below so our dog community here can learn.

Dougal's new boots
Creative Commons License photo credit: ret0dd

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