The Worst Sound And Funniest Sound From Dogs

The other day when my Roxie was feeling ill, she yelped out before having to throw up a 2nd or 3rd time (good thing she’s all okay now). I think she was either scared or in brief pain but that type of high pitched yelp has got to be one of the worst sounds a dog owner ever wants to hear. It just shoots you through the heart as you try your best to comfort your pet.

On the other hand, I have to admit that one of the funniest sounds you can ever hear from a dog is when either of my two lhasa apsos come up to me while I’m working away at my desk. One of them will prop up on the hind legs and have the front paws on the arm of my chair. I don’t know what it is with that particular body position with them but quite often when either Roxie or Chester gets up like that, they start farting! It’s the funniest thing each time!

Of course a dog fart always disrupts my work but in a good way I suppose 🙂

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