Thank Goodness For Pet Sitters

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I’m presently on a mini-speaking tour of southern California and will be away from my home near Toronto, Canada for all of this week.  Needless to say, I’m missing my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie like crazy.  But travel for business (and pleasure) is a must, at least for my line of work as a professional motivational and diversity speaker.  Thank goodness for professional pet sitters.

My pet sitter Helen is sleeping over at my house to look after my two dogs all this week and she’s great.  ‘Auntie Helen’ as I refer her to my two dogs (as if they actually understand!) feeds, walks, grooms and plays with my two dogs while I’m traveling.

I prefer this much more than leaving my dogs at the kennel but in case Helen is booked up, then that’s what I’ll sometimes end up doing.  Fortunately for this trip, I was able to book Helen in advance enough so that there was no need for the kennels this time.

Pet sitting is a growing industry and there’s probably at least one in your local area.  Some pet sitters simply come in each day to check up on your dog and do things like walking, feeding, etc.  These folks do not stay overnight but there are some like Helen who do.  This is the service that I need since my two lhasa apsos are prone to making noise at nighttime which can disturb my neighbours (especially those who don’t particularly like dogs).  Having Helen around overnight keeps my dogs quiet. Helen even emails me during the midway point of my trips to give me a status report on how my dogs are doing.

So next time you have to travel, check to see if there are any professional pet sitters in your area as this might be a good alternative to boarding your dog at the kennel.

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