Testing DVD Version Of Our Dog Potty Training With Litterbox Video Program

Dog Potty Training With Litterbox

Our dog potty training with litterbox program in both ebook and downloadable video program has been quite successful so far.  One thing we noticed is that about 20% of our customers end up getting the video program rather than just the ebook alone.

With good internet connections, most people these days will not have a problem with either watching the videos online or downloading the video files into their computers.  Having said this, we are testing a physical DVD version of our video program.

Some people out there might just want a physical DVD rather than just video files in their computers.  They can watch the DVD on TV if they want to.

Also, a DVD will open up a new audience for us at the retail level both online with Amazon as well as pet retailers like Petsmart or Petco.  Of course, we have to find ways to produce these DVDs and design labels as well as containers for them.

So this might take a bit of time but we’ll try to release a DVD version within the next few months.  In the meantime, if you are willing to use downloadable video files or just watch them online, our current video program for potty training dogs to use a litterbox system works great and will have the same information as a future DVD.

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