Taking Photos For Housetraining Dogs With Litterbox Book

#dogtraining #puppytraining #puppies #dogs — I am in the process this weekend of taking photos for my upcoming book on housetraining dogs with a litterbox.  As most dogs owners already know, taking photos of dogs can be a real challenge.  They don’t always look at the camera and even when they do, sometimes they end up blinking, much like us adults.

I’ve had many times when my dogs would do something like yawn during a shot.  And when you try to have more than one dog in a shot, it’s even more challenging to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time.  Photography with dogs is certainly a test of one’s patience and probably their’s as well!

Fortunately, many of these photos will not have to have my dogs in them as I’m just showing the different progressions of housetraining dogs with a litterbox.  So many will show room setups, equipment needed and other types of photos that do not require my dogs to be models.

After the photos are taken, they will each have to be edited with Photoshop to get the best shots possible for publication in my new book.  I’ll have two versions of photos.  In addition to the original high resolution photos, I’ll have lower resolution ones that do not take up much file space.  It’s the lower resolution photos that I will use for the ebook version of my new book.  Of course, they will still look good while at lower resolution.  I just don’t want the ebook to take forever to download for my readers.

I don’t have plans for a printed version of my new book for now.  But just in case if I do change my mind, I’ll have the high resolution photos available which will be necessary for any printed book.  This way, I won’t have to reshoot all the photos again for high resolution versions.

This is a mistake that I did for my first two ebooks which were about Native American art.  I never kept the original high resolution photos so if I ever want to produce printed versions of these two books, I would have to retake all the photos again.  This new book on housetraining dogs with a litterbox will not go through that same error.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the development of my new book.  I may even post the odd photo taken here on my dog blog.  In the meantime, feel free to go to my dog website to get access to my free basic dog training video.

Andy with camera
Creative Commons License photo credit: a.dombrowski

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