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New 2015 Dog Calendars

2015 Dog Calendars Each year, a company called Dogbreedstore/Calendars.com released new calendars featuring different dog breeds and other types of dogs.  The new 2015 dog calendars are now released and there are literally hundreds of them. Many different dog breeds … Continue reading

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Lhasa Apso Calendar For 2012

photo credit: fredline Lhasa Apso Calendar Many of my readers have seen videos of my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie (also pictured in the banner up top here).  It’s interesting that many people out there, including dog owners, have … Continue reading

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Trying Prednisolone Drops With Latest Bout Of Cherry Eye

#dogs #dogs #doghealth — If you have been following this dog blog then you guessed it — my boy Chester’s cherry eye popped out again over the weekend.  So we are now trying out the Prednisolone corticosteroid drops that we … Continue reading

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