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Christmas Holiday Season Shows Dogs Are Part Of Family –

Dogs Part Of Family It’s been said that dogs are part of family and the Christmas holiday season shows this quite strongly.  Our small dogs Meetup group went to one of our local leash free dog parks in Mississauga to … Continue reading

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Keep Your Dogs Safe During Holiday Season

Keep Dogs Safe During Holiday Season As we approach the holiday season, I first want to thank all our readers for spending time with us this past year.  It’s been another great year with our dogs and their friends. Here … Continue reading

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Lots Of Christmas Puppies This Season?

Christmas Puppies The sales of my indoor dog litterbox training program is pretty steady throughout the year but I noticed quite a significant surge in orders which started around mid December and continues to today.  I can’t help but wonder … Continue reading

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Start Your Research Now For Holiday Season Christmas Puppies

Holiday Season Christmas Puppies I’ve always been against the idea of giving holiday season or Christmas puppies to kids. Quite often, both kids and their parents think that puppies are just another version of cute stuffed animals. Unfortunately, reality sinks … Continue reading

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Holiday Season Dogs Christmas Puppies

Christmas Puppies As Holiday Season Gifts I’ve noticed a large spike in sales of both my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor Housetraining For Dogs‘  and its video program version during this month of … Continue reading

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