Summer Haircuts For Our Dogs

#dog #dogs #doghealth  — I noticed that several of our neighbourhood dogs just got their summer haircuts.  The temperature went up quite a bit the other day and my two dogs were certainly panting out there during their walks so for us, it was definitely time to give them a much needed trim.

These days, the dog grooming process with haircuts is much easier than with my previous two dogs when I didn’t have electric dog clippers.  I bought electric clippers from a large pet supplier here called Ren’s Pet Depot who also acts as a distributor for other pet stores.  They have a lot more in terms of supplies than your average pet store.  They also have things for groomers in bulk as well.  Although they have a mail order system, they are about a 15 minute drive from my house so it’s relatively easy for me to get there.

The model I bought was made by Andis and I got an additional blade which is a #4 FC, which is slightly longer than the standard #10 blade that comes with electric clippers.  The #4 is perfect for our needs as the first summer cut of the season but it does leave the coat relatively short.  So for a touch up in a couple of weeks, I’ll probably use a comb attachment with the #10 blade in order to leave the hair on my two dogs a bit longer unless the temperatures zoom up.

Although my two dogs are totally cooperative during their dog grooming since that’s how I trained them, my own grooming technique with both dog clippers and scissors could of course be improved quite a bit.  Their coats are still not as uniform as I would like them to be right after the trims.  I looked at several YouTube videos on dog grooming with clippers yesterday to see how the pros do it.  This helped a bit.

The one thing that did take some time was with my girl who did have quite a bit of tangles I had to get rid of first before using the electric clippers.  One of the tips I got from one of the videos is not to use my plastic brush for grooming anymore.  They just don’t do a good job in removing tangles.

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  • Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Its really cute thing to give the hair cut to your dog.