Strategy To Meet Free Shipping At Online Pet Pharmacies

#pets #dogs #cats  — I already got my heartworm prevention medications for both of my dogs through the online pet pharmacy I use for this year.  I’ve been buying my heartworm meds online since I save about 30 to 35% and this is significant especially given the costs for two dogs.  I was talking to a neighbour yesterday about it and he had concerns about the shipping costs since having only one dog himself, he didn’t meet the minimum purchase level for free shipping.  Then he told me about these other products he uses on a routine basis for his dog and I thought about a strategy to help him meet free shipping at online pet pharmacies.

I told him that if he’s going to be using these other products anyway on a regular basis (for example, he uses certain products for his dog’s ears), I mentioned that he should check with these online pet pharmacies to see if they carry these items as well.

If they do, he can simply add some of these products to his order for the prescription heartworm prevention medication for his dog so that the overall purchase total will meet the minimum level for free shipping.  The price of these other items will likely be less expensive compared to a retail outlet anyway so he saves in two ways.

He said that he never even thought about this idea.  It makes sense since one might as well take advantage of the cost savings offered online.  Usually, even with shipping costs, the overall cost is generally lower than buying at the vet clinics for prescription medications for your pets.  But with free shipping along with potential savings of other products too, one can really take advantage of purchasing on the internet.

To see full details of my past experiences as a consumer, just go to my article on using online pet pharmacies.

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