Still Go Out After Housebreaking Puppies Indoors

Housebreaking Puppies Indoors

One thing that I recommend to dog owners who successfully went through housebreaking puppies indoors using a dog litter box is to still go outside obviously for exercise.  It’s good for both the dog owners as well as the dogs.  Getting fresh air and giving the dogs some mental stimulation from all the things they notice outdoors is a nice break from being inside.  This is of course only if the weather is nice outside.

In our house, my dogs and I don’t go outdoors if it’s too wet or too cold.  We don’t have to since both of my dogs went through a system of housebreaking puppies with a dog litter box.  But when it’s nice outside, we either go out for walks in the parks or trails or sometimes we just go out in the backyard area where it’s shared with other neighbours.  This backyard area is where my dogs play with their neighbourhood dogs.

Outdoors A Good Challenge For Dogs

One thing that I also notice for walks out at the parks and trails besides exercise is something that all dog owners should take advantage of.  When we see other dogs out there, my dogs get excited.  These are actually ideal times to put your dogs through some dog obedience training drills.  It’s like a test for them.  On one hand, they are distracted by the other dogs but on the other hand, they must listen to you, the dog owner and master.  After all, that’s one of the main tests of dog training.

It’s much easier for dogs to listen to you inside the house where there is little external distraction.  Doing these outside is much harder for both the dogs and yourself.  So anytime we have that situation when we come across other dogs outside, I put my dogs into a stay position.  It’s great training for them since they learn that even under distractions, they must listen to you.

I have more information on housebreaking puppies with a dog litter box at my website.

housebreaking puppies dog litter box
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