Spurs In The Woods When Dog Walking

#dog #dogs  —  The other day, I went out with my two dogs in the woods nearby since it is one of our favourite trails because of the scenary, length for fitness and the nature which both the dogs and I seem to really love.  However, not even halfway, both of my dogs got their legs covered with those dreaded spurs.

These spurs were out in full force for some reason that day.  Occasionally, my dogs would get the odd spur either on their legs, paws or bellies and taking one out would be relatively easy.  However, when there is a entire ‘colony’ of these spurs covering their legs, which make it very uncomfortable for them to continue walking, represented a huge problem.

I had to kneel down for quite some time right in the middle of the trail and slowly remove the spurs.  Fortunately, my dogs are quite cooperative and I think they wanted the spurs out right away too.

We didn’t see these spurs coming since they are so hard to see because of the leaves that cover the sides of the trails.  Although I don’t want to abandon these trails in the woods as a regular route when walking my dogs, I think I’m going to have to start carrying scissors with me just in case we run into another episode of multiple spurs again.  I wish I had a camera with me because the amount of spurs this time was really excessive.

As we came out of the woods, finally spur free and finishing out walk, a lady was just about to enter the woods with her dog.  I mentioned that the spurs were out in full force and she chose to take a different route just along the street sidewalk.  She thanked me for the warning and agreed that the spurs are very difficult to remove.  I guess that she has also encountered these spurs before with her dog as well.

If anybody has also had similar incidents with spurs being caught on their dogs, feel free to comment below.

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