Some Extra Words My Dogs Understand

In addition to the essential commands that I taught my dogs as shown on the video showing how I train them (see video on blog sidebar for access), they also know a few extra words which are not really commands.  These words are just those I happen to use during certain situations.

For example, when it’s mealtime, I say ‘chow chow’ and they both get excited and start rushing up the stairs to the room that they normally eat.

When I’m grooming them, I also say the word ‘grooming’ a few times and they understand that it’s time to cooperate and stay still so I can brush them, clean them and brush their teeth.  In fact, even before I start, if I say the word ‘grooming’, they will start moving to the area of the house where I normally do their grooming each night.

I also use the phrase ‘go home’ whenever we are approaching our door after a walk.  This is a phrase that came up accidentally as I always used it after walks or even after drives in the car.  It evolved into a command as well when we are outside in the backyard area.  When it’s time for them to go back into the house, I just say ‘go home’ and they both go back inside the house.  I’ll have to do a short video showing this.

Finally, they understand the phases ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ as it is a confirmation that they are doing a good job at whatever I’m asking them to do.  It’s verbal praise along with physical praise which dogs absolutely love.  Use these particular phrases, depending on whether your dog is a male or female of course, a lot.

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