Socialization Of Dogs Also Has Physical Health Benefits

My dog Chester was out in the back playing with one of his doggie neighbour friends Michael (a Maltese) this afternoon. They always have a great time playing and this socialization of dogs is extremely important for them since dogs are naturally pack animals. Socialization of dogs also make them more comfortable around other dogs say in a dog park.

One of the other benefits that I and Michael’s owner realized today was that when our dogs run around and wrestle like they do during play time, they are getting great exercise, maybe even better than their usual walks.

Now if I could only get my other dog Roxie more interested in playing with the boys, that would be great. She tends not to play with the neighbourhood dogs but will be social with them by checking each out initially. She just won’t run around with them like my boy does. She prefers to spend more time socializing with the other dogs’ owners. So in a way, she is socialized but unfortunately, doesn’t really get the physical health benefit that Chester does from the neighbourhood doggie playtime.

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