So Glad That I Used A Pet Dog Sitter

I was away f0r nine long days overseas in Cuba and of course missed my two #dogs Chester and Roxie each day.  Cuba has a lot of dogs in both Havana and the countryside.  Each time I saw one of these dogs, I would think about how my own two dogs were doing at home.  Instead of boarding them at a kennel this time around, I used a pet dog sitter who stayed overnight at my house.

I’m so glad that I did.  The internet connections down in Cuba are terrible. Other tourists were telling me that access was dreadfully slow so I made the decision not to bother connecting, even with email.  Of course this means that I didn’t have access to any status reports on how my dogs were doing since the pet sitter had planned to send updates.

When my taxi finally pulled up to the front of my house after I got back, I heard the barking of both of my dogs.  This was a welcoming sound of course since I then knew right away that both were okay, thanks to the pet dog sitter I used.

This is certainly the way to go for me and my dogs if I travel.  I will definitely opt for a pet dog sitter, staying overnight.  My dogs were predictably very excited to see me when I got home but I also noticed that they didn’t seem to stressed out either since they were in their usual home surroundings all the time when I was gone.

If you travel and must be away from your dog, I would certainly recommend exploring the option of using a pet sitter as well.  Dogs are just happier to be at home sleeping in their usual places inside the house and watching the world go by each day outside the windows.

For more info on basic dog training, see my website I created for this.

The Dog House/Great Dubuque Signs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Willis

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