Small Dogs Lhasa Apsos Try Agility Ramp At Dog Park

small dogs lhasa apso dog agility ramp leash free dog park

photo: K J Payne

Small Dogs Lhasa Apsos

My Lhasa Apsos have never been known to be trick dogs or super agility canines.  I basically trained them to be good companions more than anything else.  However, there’s an agility ramp (among other apparatus) at this one nice leash free dog park in Mississauga that my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie go to on a regular basis.

We watch other dogs including some other small dogs go up and down the agility ramp quite well.  So I thought that maybe I would try to get my two on it just for fun.  Also, it would be a form of more dog training which would mentally and physically stimulate them according to many dog trainers.

Agility Ramp At Leash Free Dog Park

At first, both Roxie and Chester were quite hesitant to go on the ramp but after a few sessions and with their leashes on, they got use to getting on the ramp.  Once they are on the ramp, I usually let go of their leashes so they can come down the other side themselves.

The odd time, I can coax them to go up without the leash leading them but not on a regular basis yet.  But then again, I haven’t used any dog training treats for this yet so maybe I’ll bring some in the future to see if they would help get them on the ramp without their leashes at all.

I decided to shoot some video of Chester and Roxie on the ramp and as you can see, they are no longer afraid of the ramp.  Roxie especially, likes to stop at the top and enjoy the view all around as if she’s Queen of the Mountain.  It’s quite funny to watch as she stops up there each time on the video to scout the scene from up top.

Her brother Chester usually comes down right away and one time on the video, he looks back to see where his sister is.

Here is the video;

As you can see overall, we just have a lot of fun when going to the leash free dog parks and the agility ramp is just an added bonus.  It not only stimulates my Lhasa Apso dogs but the activity helps in continued bonding between myself and them which is very important.

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And if you have a dog, remember it’s never too late to train them new things.  My Lhasa Apsos at the time of this video are already seven years of age and have never been on an agility ramp before.  Dogs love learning and it just improves on the relationship between yourself and your dog.

By the way, if you live in the GTA Toronto area and wondering where this leash free dog park with the agility ramp is, it’s just north of the Meadowvale and Meadowpine area in northwest Mississauga, Ontario.

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